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Jan 31, 2013 4:00am EST
the way that we see portfolios rotate sg towards recovery. so we have been focused last year on defenses, which is obviously served very well. but actually, they can't reach expensive levels. so instead, it's about looking to where the growth can come through. and laggard. for example, if you look at something like the technology sector, in that in between stage where you can get strong companies with sorid cash flows, you have that growth coming forward, as well. >> let's get out to jerry. let's run through these companies. shell stock, like saying shell shares, down this morning. where do we go? what do investors think? >> yeah. it was a sort of headline myth, actually, in the last couple of days. the two to three-day movement fairly flat. so i think just negative headlines today, a bit of profit taking after a good run up, probably in the medium term, a further leg up for shell shares. >> everyone has -- >> it's not easy. >> shell shares, say shell shares. diagio, look, throws off a lot of cash, joe, and they have emerging market growth. >> yeah. ee mermging market growth is key and i
Feb 1, 2013 4:00am EST
is on the defensive after allegations that its top property markets received secret payments on a regular basis since 1997. spanish conservative is deny the allegations and have threatened to sue the newspaper that published photos of the secret accounts. a new order into his finances has been called and an emergency hearing is set to take place on saturday. the prime minister is expected to announce his first stimulus package as early as today. as the recession in spain continues to deepen, more than 25% of spanish laborers are unmroit. joining us now, nickace spirro. despite the continued woes of the spanish economy, pmis have bounced slightly off their lows this morning. despite the fundamentals, you look at the bund market and there's enormous difference in sentiment. is that still going to happen because of differing yields between spanish yields and german yields? >> i would expect it to. spain in the markets right now are existing almost in the powder worlds. there is a striking disconnect between -- between sentiment and fundamentals. certainly, i think one of the most glaring examples of the
Jan 28, 2013 4:00am EST
committee chairman paul ryan says the sequester which will cut about 1.2 trillion in domestic and defense spending over the years will happen because they haven't offered gop alternative proposals. congress passed a stopgap spending bill by 2027. >> we are more than happy to keep spending at those levels going on into the future while we debate how to balance the budge, how to grow the economy, how to create opportunity. that's the kind of debate the country deserves. by the way, if we keep going down this path, we will have a debt crisis. it's not an if question, it's a when question. >> joining us now is tony fratto, former treasury secretary, he's in paris this morning. tony, what brings you to paris? >> i have some meetings here on my way back from davos, kelly. we missed you in davos with the rest of the team there. >> i know. i wonder if they didn't send you over there to try and get a read as to why the french wanted the british to leave the eu or something. >> i'll take some informal polling on the street. >> could you please, we appreciate that. in the meantime, let's talk about
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3